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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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friday and walked around for ten minutes and i thought it was friday. oh. >> it's tuesday. yeah. >> oh well. guys got some clouds out there right now. looks like continuing to move across our skies. not much in the way of rain but we got a couple ovarian drops in the forecast and -- of rain drops in the forecast and tell you when coming up. things are looking good so far on the morning commute. the nimitz freeway and once again just the overnight road work to slow you down. all coming up in the traffic report. >> back to work. >> that's right stay tuned. thanks. it is 4:30 now. a quick thinking target security specialist praised for helping to catch a suspected kidnapper in antioch. kpix 5's joe vasquez with the woman who led police to that man. >> he was just -- being weird like his activities were not normal. >> reporter: she didn't know it at the time but rock zanana ramirez spotted a man. she wrote down his license plate as his behavior got even more bizarre after he left the
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target store. >> he was pacing back and forth. he was -- like changing his clothes in the parking lot. he started messing around with his backpack and at one point he was sitting in the car and like shaking his steering wheel. >> reporter: the suspect david douglas seen here in a video on the facebook page admits he kidnapped the girl last friday but now says it was a cry for hep. he told a reporter he didn't use a gun when he abducted the girl if her home. just a stick. he says he didn't sexual assault the girl, he claims he just drove her around a bit trying to calm her down and even took her to a mcdonald's and bought her some chicken nuggets. at the moment police caught him douglas tells the newspaper he was telling the little girl he was an angel and was awaiting further instructions from god. after the amber alert went out. police were able to catch him because he called them with his license plate number. >> i'm mar high pressurepy the girl -- more happy the girl is
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with her family. i home she puts this tragic thing behind her. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> douglas told the bay area news group his life was unraveling. a family lived through two home invasion robberies in just one woke and the thieves didn't have to break into the house. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: thieves in contra costa county are taking a more direct route to burglary, through the garage door. for this about i don't care woman who didn't want to be identified the trouble began on christmas eve in pittsburg when the car was broken into while shopping. >> i noticed they had been in my glove compartment this was a concern to me because my dress was in the compartment. >> reporter: when she finally got home she put the pieces together. >> as approached my driveway i went to reach for the garage door opener and it was missing. >> reporter: with someone in the shower and a pot on the
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stove, the thieves struck. >> i had a tv sitting over here. on the desk right up in here. and they took the tv. >> reporter: along with jewelry in the kitchen including her mother's wedding ring. she filed a report and moved on until this past friday afternoon when her daughter was home and the crooks used the magic button again. >> same individuals came back to my home. opened the garage. there was one individual walking away. >> reporter: this time her family fought back. shooting this cell phone video of the getaway car. >> they just openedup the garage. >> reporter: and snapping the license plate. did you change the code? >> i thought i had changed the code but for some apparent reason it did not change. >> andria borba, kpix 5. >> now police are reviewing that cell phone video. 4:33 now. some developing news and more than half of all americans are feeling a blast of bitter cold
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air this morning. forecasters say that polar vortex of arctic air is affecting more than 180 million people from the midwest to the deep south. cbs reporter marly hall is going to update the big deep freeze. >> reporter: it's so cold and embarrass, minnesota frost is forming on people's faces. >> this is the natural way of life for you. so you just live with it and you just put on another bundle of clothes and come on out. >> reporter: what may be a natural way of life? embarrass is unnatural for the rest of us. >> unbearably cold actually. >> reporter: a polar vortex is bringing cold air and bitting winds from the north pole. forecasters say about 187 million americans are in a deep freeze. >> the big story about all this has been the breadth of the cold. seeing unusually cold air and windchill warnings and advisories, not often you see that map with that much coverage. >> reporter: it's been racing south and east and here in new york city temperatures plummeted more than 40 degrees
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in the last 24 hours. the weather is partly to blame for jet blue's decision monday to ground all of its planes coming into and out of new york and boston. this couple found out their flight was canceled when they showed up to the airport. >> they finally booked us a fleet and the flight is -- flight and the flight is five days from now. >> reporter: in chicago, american airlines said it canceled flights because the fuel was freezing. marlie hall for cbs news, new york. >> not a good thing, we're seeing a ripple effect here. jamba juice is already having trouble getting ahold of fresh oranges. the store in fremont totally out over the weekend. they posted this sign apologizing to the customers. getting a little crazy out there. >> no kidding. >> what are we going to do without juice? >> i know. >> oh my gosh. >> my goodness. hey guys we've got some changes coming our way today and got a lot of clouds moving across the skies this morning. and well even a couple of rain drops in the forecast. maybe not today. maybe in the north bay you can see the south side right now
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the clouds kind of streaming across the skies early on today. we're going to see more of that on and off throughout the day. and into the afternoon. so we'll keep some clouds outside and the temperatures will be cooler today with the on shore breeze. 50s and low 60s towards the coast and 60s inside the bay and in the interior valleys. i think the next couple of days we're going to see more of the same. lot of clouds streaming across the skies early on and fairly mild temperatures. right now 34 degrees in santa rosa. 47 in oakland and 49 in san francisco. this afternoon, it will be cooler today. 59 in pacifica. 63 in san francisco and the same in san jose. already let's check -- all right let's check out the roads now with elizabeth. we have a lot of overnight roadwork, a lot of lanes blocked and until at least 5:00 this morning. we'll show you the drive times, overall though everything is in the clear. no big hot spots as far as accidents go. westbound 580 the nimitz all still picking up drivers moving at the speed limit. the east shore a lot of it this
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morning. roadwork that is. westbound and eastbound both directions of the east shore mainly between 580 and highway 4. a heads-up various planes blocked. a -- lanes blocked. a lot of that is being picked up in the next 20 minutes. to the bay bridge now. again 5:00 is the deadline time for cal tran to pick up the cones. in the meantime no delay right now behind the pay gates and the metering lights remain off. they were finally turned on yesterday during the morning commute. first time in a while. here's a live look at the nimitz now. 880 in oakland once again roadwork in both directions this freeway between 23rd and broadway. we'll get another check of mass transit coming up in the meantime back to you guys. all right thank you. this is how a wild car chase ended in pittsburg with a violent crash at a car dealership. police tried to pull over a car on highway 4 yesterday. officers suspected the vehicle may have been stolen. the driver a wanted parolee took off and didn't stop until she slammed into two other
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cars. >> this car i heard a long screech. went back up the ditch and slammed on our hard top and ran through two of my cars and then the driver jumped out and tried to escape. cops circled and got the driver and got the passenger. >> the driver and her passenger were injured but are expected to be okay. the chinese national has been arrested for the new year's day arson attack in san francisco. you can see just how badly that building was damaged. the fbi says the man called police and confessed two days later. he said he was hearing voices in chinese leading him to believe the consulate was involved. >> we investigated this incident as a criminal matter and there are no indications at this time to suggest it was motivated by terrorism, politics, ourself rights issues. -- or civil rights issues. >> he lives in daly city and facing two charges now of
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damaging property. jahi mcmath in a new facility this morning but kpix 5's reporter brian webb explains her family won't say where because of death threats. >> reporter: jahi mcmath arrived monday morning at a new facility in bad shape but getting antibiotics, nutrition and care. >> we were all very afraid given the fragile condition as she wasted away at children's she might not make it. >> reporter: the move was made last sunday night when the coroner released the 13-year- old to her family. she was placed on a new ventilator, put inside a private ambulance with family and driven away arriving at an unnamed catholic organization. >> we have new home where she's going to be treated like the innocent little girl that she is and not like a deceased body the way children's hospital has been treating her. >> reporter: the attorney said five other facilities agreed to take mcmath only to back out for different reasons. the new spot is a secret for privacy and security concerns
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after several death threats came in from across the country. >> it's a sad sad thing when you are fighting for somebody's rights and people feel this need to vomit their hatred. >> reporter: to the family, this move brings relief and hope. they say what happens to jahi next is in god's hands. not in the hands of a hospital. >> we can accept them trying to pull the plug on her early and taking her out. there's something that we couldn't live with. >> reporter: the family will pay for her care at least in part with donations that have come in and say it's too soon to talk about any possible lawsuits. but their attorney thinks this case may set new legal standards putting life and death issues in the hands of parents over hospitals. i'm brian webb, kpix 5. for the latest updates on mcmath, just head to the website, 4:40 now. they've created a heated debate in san francisco. now the city is rolling out some rules for google buses and those other tech shuttles.
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>> computer cafes doubling as illegal gambling parlors, now one california lawmaker is cracking down. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this morning. wendy gillette from cbs moneywatch reports a woman wi ties is about futures trading indicates gains on wall street when the market open this is morning: wendy gillette from cbs money watch reports a woman with bay area ties is about to take over the fed. >> reporter: janet jellen will be the first woman -- yellen will be the first woman the lead the federal reserve. the senate confirmed her yesterday by a vote of 56-26. yellen will replace bernanke who's loving after serve -- leaving after serving eight years as chairman. the senate is set to vote this morning on whether to move forward on an unemployment bill after weather related travel problems delayed yesterday's vote. democrats say they're close to the 60 votes needed with the support of five republicans. the $6 billion bill would restore jobless benefits for 1.3 million americans.
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the payments extended by as many as 47 weeks average $256. here on wall street stocks finished lower in each of the first three trading days of the new year. that hasn't happened since 2005. the dow fell nearly 45 points yesterday. the nasdaq lost 18. and a french company is showing off a self-driving shuttle bus at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. it's the first driverless vehicle commercially available in the u.s.. the top speed of 12 miles an hour, the shuttle is intended for college campuses and airport parking lots. that's your money watch. log on to for more. at the new york stock exchange, i'm wendy gillette. san francisco is rolling out some rules for google buses and other tech shuttles that have sparked some heated protests recently. under the plan, shuttles can get a city permit to use 200 muni stops. but the coaches must be labeled and yield to muni vehicles can they'll have to pay. -- and they'll have to pay.
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>> the $100,000 figure is i think about the average per company but some companies are very large and some companies are very small in terms of how many stops they have. >> the permits are expected to bring in about $1.5 million over the next 18 months. but the money can only if used to -- be used to cover the cost of running the new program. it will not go into the city's general fund. tvs are getting bigger and better and now also becoming bendable. at the 2014 show in las vegas, tv makers showed offsets with more than 100-inch screens featuring ultra hd or 4 k resolution. and with ability to go from flat screen to curved. cnet's sumo doss has a look. >> reporter: in las vegas new televisions are bending the rules. those samsung and lg unveiled shape shifting concepts that switch tv screens from flat to curved with a remote control. >> having a -- display that is flexible. it is powered by a motor that
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enables you to control and create that curvature on the television. >> reporter: there are plenty of products for anyone who wants to throw their tv watching for a curve. >> the wider field of view and panoramic effect drews viewers in, the tv seems even bigger than it is. >> reporter: it looks distorted to me. >> reporter: another trend televisions that pack more pick els. >> i can't stop talking about 4 k. i tell everyone it's like looking out a window. >> reporter: companies boasted displays with ultrahigh definition and 4 k technology but don't let the tech jargon confuse you. >> they both refer to televisions with much higher resolution than 480 p television. the flip side of the cone is that you really -- screen is that you really can't see the difference because that's really small pixels and you have to be really close. >> reporter: really small pixels on really enormous
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televisions at a whopping 105 inches this samsung set is one of several oversized models. >> of course at the show people bring in the gigantic shows with the televisions that are there. those are prohibitively expensive and something on mtv cribs and they are there and pretty cool looking when you see them in person. >> reporter: sometimes bigger is better. especially at ces. for more ces coverage go to in las vegas, i'm sumo dot, cnet for cbs news. they lose me with all the numbers but then when you see the picture? >> just remember -- bigger is better. that's the way to go. >> i guess so. >> when you have to buy a house to fit the tv? i mean 100-inch screen where do you put that? >> a total wall. man cave. i like it yeah. very much. hey guys around the bay area today we've got some changes coming our way. with some clouds streaming across our skies. and yeah it looks like we put a couple of rain drops back in the forecast. still headed out the door we've got doesn't look too bad over the bay right now.
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fairly calm and a lot of high clouds moving overhead. also patchy fog along the coastline. temperatures right now generally in the 30s and the 40s. a little bit milder with a cloud cover outside. now look as we head toward the afternoon we'll see some of the clouds continuing to move on through. temperatures are are going to be a little bit cooler and then tomorrow more rain and possible in the forecast. as we get into thursday and another chance as we look towards saturday. right now high pressure to the south. a lot of the clouds streaming across the top of that ridge not the best case scenario to squeeze out any rain although the computer model is kind of interesting. some changes coming up in the next 24 hours. 60s into the central valley and about the same in the monterey bay. about 65 in yucaipa. the other parts of the country are in the deep freeze. 7 for a high in chicago today. check out new york city only 14 degrees. all right here in the bay area we've got the system sliding on through and look at the models trying the paint at least a chance of a couple of sprinkles in the north bay but that's about it. otherwise just passing clouds and the temperatures running in the 60s in the south bay and a
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lot of 60s in the east bay. and then plenty of the temperatures going to be in the 60s inside the bay. next couple of days, we'll keep those temperatures down a bit. slight chance of showers again on thursday. then a better chance comes saturday and drying out on sunday and monday. all right let's check traffic now with elizabeth. and just your overnight roadwork, in fact we have a live look the morning near the 80 interchange right there along richmond. that's where a lot of the overnight roadwork is by the way. between highway 4 and 580. so this is a live look near the carlson exit and traffic is still moving at the speed limit. also in the east bay, there's a power outage. pg&e confirmed with us about 1900 customers waking up in the dark. this is impacting richmond, san pablo and we still don't have word of a cause. if you come to the intersection where the street lights are out, remember to treat it as a four way stop. all right here's the live look at westbound 580. through the altamonte pass. and the livermore valley.
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the speed sensors are still showing green and no delay yet even beginning in tracy and continuing out to the livermore valley. we'll relate you know when that changes and usually one of the first spots to slow down. westbound 237 still looks good. if you're leaving milpitas, that drive time is six minutes between 880 and 101. the bridge, traffic is really light right now. westbound 92 right side of the screen moving well out of heyward and b.a.r.t. right now has more than 21 trains on time system wide. also reporting no delays. that is your latest traffic. michelle, frank back to you. thank you. they looked suspiciously like illegal casinos. computer cafes where you can take your chances on winning cash. christin ayers found out a lawmaker is cracking down proposing a ban to wipe them out for good. >> reporter: critics call it illegal gambling. but the people running these businesses that are cropping up all over california and the bay
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area claim they're internet cafes where customers can choose to play games and win cash. >> i'm absolutely satisfied as an attorney that the software program and the business does not in any way violate any california gaming or gambling law. period. >> reporter: that's what a lawyer representing a slew of the so-called cafes all over california told us last november. but his clients' luck may have run out. because of a new bill proposed in the legislature today. >> ab 1439 goes after the heart of these cafes it says if you're operating a game that mimics anything like a casino slot machine, or anything that the casinos run that that's illegal. >> reporter: assemblyman rudy solis says they are affecting prostitutes and criminals wherever they go and it's time to stop them. already a handful of bay area cities are going after the cafes. heyward will ban the gaming
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software starting next week. san francisco is suing a cafe in the district to try to shut it down. oakland city officials will meet next week to talk about putting a moratorium on the cafes. but solis hopes his bill will be the last word on these spinning reels statewide. >> the bill today that i introduce is going to make that gray area very crystal clear, black and white. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> as she mentioned several local ordnances are about to go into effect and it's up to each city now to enforce them while the statewide proposal makes its way through the legislature. similar state law was passed in ohio and it shut down all of the cafes within just a few months. time now is 4:52. a blast of air has some americans; piercing the -- experiencing the coldest weather in decades. how low temperatures are expected to dip. >> you're going to meet the little predator that's hurricane katrinaing heads at a berkeley marina coming up -- turning heads at a berkeley
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marina. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, checking out your michael simon forecast for today. we head you into fremont. a lot of clouds outside today and temperatures going to be cooler too. low 60s and maybe just slightly warmer for tomorrow. through oakland right now here's a live lack at 880. it's both directions that are blocked right now and lanes are blocked and it should be wrapping up shortly by about 5:00. we'll have the latest travel times. kcbs traffic report coming up. a pint-sized predator is making a big splash at the marina. >> don ford shows us why bird watchers are now flocking there >> it's hard to see. yes yes they're very well camouflaged. >> reporter: pay attention and look close and you can see a westland burring owl. one of a few that are making
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their annual appearance at berkeley's cesar chavez park. >> i see him. i really see him. there he is. >> her. >> oh it's lady owl. >> so funny. >> the berkeley marina owls i guess somehow they've found out that they come from idaho. but only the females migrate and they come out here. and they say hey we like berkeley. >> reporter: in an area that's fenced off, the owls still have lots of company. they live in abandoned squirrel holes. >> this is the closest i've ever been to the burring owl. >> reporter: not at all shy in plain sight. unafraid. this gal is protected by a special fence. they are small, stand about 8 inches tall and weigh only 6 to 8 ounces. >> she's a full bird. from the talons up to the head is very unique. >> reporter: these owls are not endangered and they're found throughout both north and south america. but they are rare in these parts. and in a couple of months,
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these two will return to idaho. at the berkeley marina, don ford, kpix 5. >> that's a girl owl by the way. the birds are expected to stick around the berkeley marina through early april. 4:57 right now. coming up, what a target employee noticed about a suspect hours before a kidnapping that helped police find a young girl he allegedly took. >> and i'm mark kelly live at sfo where there's a bit of a mixed bag this morning. some flights canceled and others back on time. we'll have a full report coming up. ,,,,,,,, presents...
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very cold. very cold. unbearably cold actually. >> bitter cold is bringing record low temperatures to nearly half the united states. the frigid weather has meant significant flight cancellations and snow days for a lot of kids. he was pacing back and forth. >> a girl is back with her family now. thanks to a fast thinking
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target employee who led police right to her suspected kidnapper. wider field of view. and panoramic effects draws viewers in. the tv seems even bigger than it is. >> the 2014 consumer electronics show kicks off this morning. the tvs are also becoming bendable. not like a deceased body the way children's hospital has been treating her. >> jahi mcmath is in a new medical facility. from across the bay to around world. the stories that -- the world. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> i'm michelle griego. good morning. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. and developing as you wake up this morning most of the country is to a deep freeze from the midwest to the deep south. >> temperatures in many cities are lower than they've been in decades. those subzero roadings are affecting -- readings are affecting more than 180 million people. check out this time lapse over


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